iPhone 3.0 Pre-Review

iPhone 3.0 Pre-Review

I’ve recently been looking at iPhone jailbreaks. I really like the idea of tethering as it became apparent to me on a recent trip that using my iPhone for web transactions was far from most convenient way of doing things.

Apples taking a huge step with it’s new 3.0 release, but some things are still missing (isn’t that always the way with technology?).

Brief recap the iPhone OS v3.0 announcements:

* Landscape E-mail
* Copy & Paste (with Shake to Undo)
* Push Notifications (for reals this time)
* 1,000 new APIs
* P2P over Bluetooth (primary target seems gaming)
* Spotlight search
* Turn-by-turn directions approved for apps
* Google Maps API for other apps (although not for GPS)
* Landscape keyboard in all major apps
* Voice Memos
* Notes Syncing
* A2DP Bluetooth (wireless stereo headphones!)
* Shake to Shuffle Songs
* CalDEV
* iPhone 3.0 SDK Beta available today

All good stuff, but no information about tethering besides the fact that Apple will make it possible. AT&T is gonna want a piece of that pie no doubt, which means jailbreaking may still be the best way to get your web surfing done on 3g.

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