Video is Coming!

Video is Coming!


You’ve waited.

You’ve (mostly) been patient.

You will be rewarded.

The video is coming.

This changes everything.

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  1. John Says:

    I am a very long time Apple Macintosh user and I am finally tired of Apple making gobs of money to sell me a system that works on MacOS X. Ever since Apple went to Intel processors, I have been waiting to build a BETTER than MAC system and this site has prepared me for just that. I use both Final Cut Studio and Logic Studio plus a bunch of other softwares that do not take advantage of 8 cores and most not even two cores. Why then do I need an 8 core system when they cost nearly $5,000.00 when I can build a top of the line PC with an Intel Quad Core 2.66 GHz overclocked to 3.2 Ghz and the best video card and 12 Gb RAM with a Bluray burner for about $1200.00???

    While I am very computer savy as my career has been maintaining and repairing all kinds of computers. this web site and their Build a Hackintosh product tells me virtually every step by step to successfully getting MacOs 10.5 installed on this PC.

    I can’t wait to see Leopard running on a PC!

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