Chameleon 2.0 RC1 available NOW!

Chameleon 2.0 RC1 available NOW!


Exciting stuff!  This is the future of hackintosh installations!  Using retail Leopard disk with the new, customizable Chameleon bootloader.  Check out these specs from the Chameleon website (download link at the end):

How do you mean customizable?

You can replace all the images, the icons, the funny chameleon artwork, the fonts. Also you can set the background color, the transparency levels, the dimensons, positions of certain user interface elements. The image resource files can be either embedded into the booter or can be loaded at runtime by using a special .plist style configuration file.

Doesn’t embedding the images makes the boot loader too large?

With the current set of icons, images, fonts embedded, the booter size is about 300k. Without embedding the resources you will get about a 110k large booter. The maximum size of the booter is 392704 bytes (383.5k).

What image formats are supported?

The booter has built-in support for true color 24 bit PNG images with 8 bit transparency layer. We wanted to offer a high quality lossless image format which can be created, edited with many graphics applications across all platforms.

What if I still prefer the text mode interface?

We can’t switch between text mode and graphical mode at the moment after the booter has been started, but you still have a Boot.plist option to disable the GUI. This way you get the well known text based Darwin boot menu.

Boot retail DVDs with preboot ramdisk image support.

With this feature you can create ‘boot-132’ like bootable iso images without having to use isolinux and that complex method to create such boot CDs. Just simply create a folder, put the cdboot + your Extra stuff + a Preboot.dmg inside with your Extra extensions, then use a single line hdiutil command to create your boot CD.

To able to boot retail DVDs you still have to boot from this prepared CD then swap to the retail one. A built-in ATAPI driver would help in the future, but not for now. The ramdisk image should be an uncompressed single partition image using any partition scheme what the booter has support for (MBR, GUID or APM).

EFI system partition booting support.

This is the method what Munky and Turbo introduced first. You can put your boot loader along with all /Extra stuff to this partition then can safely boot your untouched vanilla install. We have a new experimental FAT32 filesystem support with long file names.

Hibernation/Resume support.

This is also an already implemented feature in other versions, but we can show a preview image while restoring the sleep image. Have you ever experienced your bootloader wanting to resume even if you haven’t hibernated? Not anymore. If the filesystem was modified after sleepimage was created, the booter will not try to resume.

DSDT override support.

An optional DSDT.aml file can be loaded by the booter if your hardware needs this cure. This is a similar implementation what mackerintel provided for the old Chameleon version.

SMBIOS patcher support.

Thanks again to mackerintel to have this ability 🙂

Download the installer here!

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  1. John Says:

    Don’t forget that Chameleon 2.0 RC2 is now available within the script fro Digital Dreamer. It works well.

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