Hackintosh BIOS Update: Part 2

Hackintosh BIOS Update:  Part 2

OK, so this may not need to be a whole new post, but I’ve noticed a lot of people struggling with BIOS settings.  This stuff isn’t super easy, especially if you haven’t delved into this material before.

If you read the previous post and updated your motherboard’s BIOS, then you’re well on your way, but before you can load up your very own custom Leopard OSX install, you may want to take a look at one of these documents first.  Each PDF contains the settings that have been found to work for the rigs we promote on this site.

In theory, it’s pretty simple:  Updated BIOS + correct settings + GetHackintoshed Boot CD = Mac Zen.

Grab up one of these files and take a peak.  Let us know if you’ve had luck with other settings, or post your own settings in the comments below.

  1. GA-G31M-ES2L
  2. GA-P35 (also works with the EP)
  3. GA-EP45 (or EP45t variety)
  4. GA-EX58-UD5 (work in progress, should be the same for the “extreme” board – respond with comments below!)
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  1. John Says:

    I used these settings this morning along with the BETA 4.0 script for building a bootable 10.5.7 boot disk on a Macintosh computer. Still have not been successful in booting into MacOS X.

    GA-EX58-UD5 with BIOS version F8f. Do I need to try the other way to install a working Hackintosh system disk? Suppose I need the latest BOOT132 disk for the Core i7 system?

  2. zorro Says:


    can you please send the pdf? the links seems to be broken 🙁

  3. admin Says:


    Sorry about the links! They have been updated and should be working now!

  4. Jeff Says:

    Bios Settings worked for me just fine. using efi v4.1 digital dream installation
    Still no video or networking

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