The Future of the Hackintosh

The Future of the Hackintosh

So, Snow Leopard is coming…

Oh, you mean you haven’t heard?  Well, it is.  You can pre-order now and it is shipping on Friday.  I know I’ve got mine ordered, along with a fresh copy of the Final Cut Pro upgrade.  Friday is the new Christmas!

Anyway, with the new operating system we’re getting tons of questions about what it’ll mean for all the hackintoshers out there.  Actually, it means a couple things:

  1. Snow Leopard is known for it’s full 64 Bit implementation in Mac OS X. There are still lots of unknowns about 64 Bit and with the new 64-bit kernel on certain machines, including the Xserve, Mac Pro, and MacBook Pro. Snow Leopard does not support PowerPC-based Macs (e.g., Power Macs, PowerBooks, iBooks, iMacs (G3-G5), all eMacs, and the G4 Mac Mini) at all. 10.6 System boots by default to 32-bit kernel on all Macs, except Xserve. But that doesn’t means you can’t boot with 64 Bit kernel, by holding down the ‘6′ and ‘4′ keys during boot, you can to boot into full 64bit mode but only if, your Mac has 64-bit EFI
  2. Twitter user @stroughtonsmith, an Irish iPhone developer described as an “all-around Apple geek,” has leaked what is likely one of the first Snow Leopard hackintosh photos available on the Internet, a TUAW piece informs. The hack was achieved on an Eee PC 901 netbook. The About This Mac window shows “Build 10A432” (the Golden Master of Mac OS X 10.6 Snow Leopard), although Softpedia cannot confirm the picture is real.
  3. Some folks managed to run Snow Leopard Build 10A261 on their Vanilla Machines with PC EFI. Uphuck (OSX86 Turk Team) announced their upcoming project iKaros. iKaros is the codename of Snow Leopard OSX86 project . Netkas (no need to introduction) already working on Snow Leopard OSX86 project under the hood.
  4. Speaking of Netkas, he’s done some really amazing work (based on the awesome efforts of the Chameleon team) to produce a bootloader that will work with Snow Leopard.  Currently, the Chameleon bootloader is in “release candidate 2” phase.  We’re keeping a close eye on these developments and there is a ton of progress being made.  Some users are having more success than others.
  5. So besides a new bootloader that will support Snow Leopard, if you’re going to attempt a 64-bit version, you’ll also need kexts to go with it.  While this has already been accomplished, work is still in progress to bring all of this to the “masses” of people who are going to be running all sorts of different hardware configurations.
  6. Our hackintosh BFF, DigitalDreamer, is working on a script for all you core i7-ers out there that should once gain allow for a sweetly easy and customizable install process.  We’ll be working to produce versions of this script to match other hardware configurations (such as the ones promoted on this site) and getting those out as well.
  7. Finally, a 2.0 version of our How-To Video is in the planning stages as the install process will be changing (for the better) with Snow Leopard.  Check back here often for updates and sound off in the comments if you have any questions, comments or additions.  Thanks for stopping by!

-Get Hackintoshed!

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  1. John Says:

    This was the reason I built my MacPro knockoff Hackintosh. I can see the writing on the wall and it says, no more Dual Binaries for both Intel and PPC Mac’s. The time has come to force all those older PPC users to move up to an Intel platform.

    Well, I am and was tired of paying Apple $2499 to $4299 for a tower with 8 cores that almost nothing uses at the same time. Finally I have a computer that I can upgrade as technology changes without being niggled to death for a few 100 Mb/sec CPU speeds. I can go as FAST as this computer will allow it to be over clocked safely. We don’t do speed bumps here – we do speed whoppers with the Intel chips.


  2. trueasiaticrick Says:

    hello tech guys,
    I got a question, i got this old g4 15″ 700mhz w/ 60gb and 512 memory
    (yeah it’s weak) currently booting to bsd/ Darwin I tried most unix command codes
    by the way, I even know most of them by heart since I was doing it over and over ROLF
    I miss those tweak days. ROFL
    I was wondering If anybody tried or could it be installed with with the
    snow leopard OSX86 (9B18) from Mininova. I hope I could get any advice
    or step by step process to bring my intel ppc back from the grave lol!

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