Snow Leopard Hack: 4 New Install Methods

Snow Leopard Hack: 4 New Install Methods

There’s a lot going on with the development in the hackintosh community and while development on Snow Leopard systems has been underway for quite a while, the recent release of the new OS definitely gave a shot in the arm to the work being done.

We’ve talked about 64-bit support in Snow Leopard, and 9to5mac has a great article here with tips on how to see if your system will support 64 bit and how to force your system to use it if possible.

Note:  The following reference links will take you to pages where you can download said programs, but know that you are attempting them AT YOUR OWN RISK.  YMMV.  You’ve been warned people! 😉

  1. Netkas has come out with a new bootloader for Snow Leopard PC-EFI 10.2, but it’s still in beta and not meant to be used in full production.  You’ll need a new bootloader like PC-EFI v10.2 and updated kexts to get Snow Leopard running.
  2. The same can be said of DigitalDreamer’s Script for Core i7 machines.  His latest script is at RC2, but again, not meant to be used as a final version.  Also, there’s more updated and useful information out there about how to upgrade and install using this script on the insanelymac forums.  Check them out, if you dare.  It’s a lot to read through, but you can learn a ton as well.
  3. Another method that has been released allows you to boot from a (minimum) 8 gig USB Drive.  There’s a full set of instructions here, but again, YMMV.
  4. And finally, and perhaps, most interesting to readers who have built systems with specs recommended on this site, there is a new installer script based on DigitalDreamer’s that many are finding success with.  BlackOSX’s script comes with a guide that is rather lengthy and the details of each step are important, but has been met with success.  It installs the modified kexts differently from DigitalDreamer’s script and uses a patched DSDT.ami file (if that means something to you) but I’m not sure about what they other differences are.  At any rate, it appears to be a viable alternative at this point and provides support for more hardware configurations than the others.

All of these methods are still in development and more progress is still to come.  For that matter, Snow Leopard while the next step for Apple, has a ways to go.  Even on my macbook pro I have had a few restarts, crashes, and program incompatibility (come on Quicksilver and Nambu!) so it’s wise to think about whether or not you really NEED the upgrade (I mean if you’re thinking about actually using this machine in any form of productivity) I know you’re like me and you NEED to have the latest and the greatest to play around with, just remember to have patience when you run into hiccups with your new toys.

As for us hear at Get Hackintoshed, we’re still looking at the idea of some new BootCDs that will make for an easier install and, of course, allow for Snow Leopard, but there are quite a few hang ups at the moment holding us back.  We’ll have a post on that topic soon.

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  1. dennis Says:

    has anyway tried to new dream script?

  2. Junaid Ahmed Says:

    Great post! I’m looking forward to either of these methods to installing Snow Leopard on my desktop. So far I’ve used this guide and I’m getting some good results:

    I’ll be watching your blog for more new stuff.


  3. den0220 Says:

    havent had much luck with any of the ex58 methods….sux

  4. admin Says:

    New Script from DigitalDreamer this week. We’ll have an article/review soon!

  5. John Says:

    Hi All,

    Just downloaded the Digital Dreamer script off of


  6. John Says:

    I guess this site doesn’t allow for live links?

    for the 4.03 script with all the necessary SL Kexts.


  7. den0220 Says:

    finally – success with the DD script – my specs, ga-ex58, core i7, evga 285gt ftw 2gb, 6gb dominator. the key for me was to get the graphics card running was to install all kexts in the system folder at first and boot with the arch=i386 command. the only thing i am having issues with is seeing other macs on my network and with itunes 9 not seeing home network shares. if i try an connect via the browse network i can but the shared on the left side of find is flaken. also i can see my hackintosh in itunes from all other machines (macs) in the house but the hack cant see them. all else is working fine, can surf the net, using a drobo connected to the second gig e using iscsi. since i used itunes alot to share i cant quite migrate over from 10.5.8 yet. also if you build your drive while using snow you can use the extra folder but i still needed the realtek and graphics kexts in my system file or they would not work. havent tried to boot to 64bit yet -anyone have success with that?

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