The Future of Get

The Future of Get

By now you should know that the “upgrade” disc will work on both Tiger AND Leopard, and actually contains a full retail copy of Snow ;)
This site has been growing a lot lately and we’re excited by that.  However,

We will NOT be releasing a Snow Leopard Boot CD for awhile, for 5 main reasons:

  1. There isn’t a good BootCD for Snow yet (there are scripts that work, but require another Mac to install)
  2. The bootloader is buggy (Chameleon 2.0 is currently in beta and has some quirks)
  3. There isn’t a complete driverset yet (Snow requires 64-bit drivers for use with the 64-bit kernel; Audio & Network are the main culprits)
  4. Snow Leopard is still a bit buggy.  Even with the quick releaese of 10.6.1, it would seems more intelligent to wait for a more stable release.
  5. Not all apps work – some programs aren’t Snow-compatible yet

So, where does that leave everyone?

Well, I’m glad you asked.

  1. We will continue to offer the Leopard discs and improve upon the installation method, and systems we can support.
  2. In the very near future we will be offering a free, monthly e-newsletter with the hotest, most up-to-date releases, news, information, and deals available on the web.  Stay tuned, this is gonna be awesome.
  3. We’re beginning to allow users and readers to post guides and updates on the site as well.  More on this to come, but the idea is that the more info we have available the easier it will be to get good info.
  4. We’re not going to add forums at this time.  There are many other places for this and the pain of wading through all of that information is what prompted us to start this site in the first place.

Have comments or suggestions?  Leave ’em below.

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  1. Istivi Jobis Says:

    Yes, SNLeo its buggy and 64 bits drivs incipient.

    Wait is a good ideia.

  2. ivo didov Says:

    I was considering buying a mac mini, but now I am thinking of building a my own HACK PRO 🙂 after the next summer I will have the money. I hope snow will be ready for me =D

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