THE X58 MOBO Patch Installer For Snow Leopard

THE X58 MOBO Patch Installer For Snow Leopard

Released just short of a week ago, DigitalDreamer’s new script for Snow Leopard is already making waves!

The link below will take you to his post over at  There’s already 8 pages of comments in the forums there and that’s sure to grow (the last guide post weighs in at 147 pages!) So grab this up before it get’s too “muddy”.

We’ll be following these developments closely.  Looks like many (including readers hear at Get Hackintoshed!) are having success.  Check it out and let us know how it goes!  X58 Snow Leopard Patch Installer

Also, check back later in the week as we’ll be talking about the upgrading process for hackintoshes running Leopard!

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  1. John Says:


    I have tried twice to build a Snow Leopard disk from the RETAIL SL installer with the same ending. A message that the install FAILED! I did unckeck all the extras in the Customize menu before starting.

    Who else has had success loading and booting Snow Leopard on your Hackintosh computer?

  2. YaSU Says:

    I could install OS X 10.6 with the new patch Installer, but E-thernet doesn’t work… Does anyone know how to solve this problem???

    Patriot DDR3 1GBx3 (1333MHz)
    ELISA GTS 250 1GB

  3. Thunderclap82 Says:

    If you’ve unchecked everything (“Printer Support”, “Additional Fonts” and “Language Translations”) it should install without a hitch. You should be able to leave Rosetta and Quicktime 7 checked though.

  4. John Says:

    I could not get the Snow Leopard disk built on my MacHack PC but it built fine on my MacBook Pro. I have an external SATA Enclosure thru the Express 34 connector. While the build finished to just before running DSDT patcher, when I loaded it onto the PC it seemed to want to boot up with Chameleon booter but still got instant KP while the startup script was still running. Still in the learning mode for SL.

  5. Thunderclap82 Says:

    I think PC-EFI 10 works better than Chameleon, but that’s just been my experience. Maybe give that one a try.

  6. Bmorg Says:

    i have been able to install snow on my Pc but can’t boot from that drive except am booting through a flash drive….. help!! how do i boot from the local drive?

  7. gethackintoshed Says:

    Hi Bmorg,
    You need to boot up through the flash drive. Then, once inside Snow Leopard, run the installer again, this time onto your hard drive – NOT the usb drive. This will put the bootloader on your hard drive and you should be good to go! Thanks for the question.

  8. John Says:

    Hurray! I finally got Snow Leopard loaded onto my PC with almost everything working. All the important stuff such as sound and networking is up and running,
    I used the latest Digital-Dreamer 4.22 script with much success. I chose Chameleon 2.0-RC4 as the boot loader with the Extra file instead of EFI.
    I have tried every method including RebelEFI and FINALLY the DD script came through!

    I am stoked to have Snow Leopard installed and running. Now to try to update to 10.6.2?

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