New Member Site: Coming Soon…

New Member Site:  Coming Soon…

Upcoming BuildAHackintosh Site Changes

A BIG Thank You!

First off, we want to thank all of the wonderful people who have stopped
by over the past 6 month and have commented on the
site, used the guides, asked questions, and purchased the software we have
made available.  We’ve been overwhelmed by the interest and enthusiasm of
many of our visitors and want to reward you for your efforts (keep

NEW Membership Site

How to Sign Up!  Additional Newsletter Option

We’re going to be changing the site in a pretty radical way over the
next month. Rather than only offering the digital download with
instructions for purchase.  We’d like to offer everyone the opportunity to
join the hackintosh community on our site and get access to the huge
resources available today.

This allow us to get the most current information out to everyone much
more quickly.  We will provide video demonstrations of the software in
action as well as quick fixes for updating Snow Leopard, custom Kext files
for specifric hardware and much more.  With many hackintoshes, as Apple
updates the OS, so must the bootloading software be re-tooled and updated
to match.  With a membership, you’ll get access to it the moment it is
released!  No need to repurchase or hunt the web for a new download to fix
your broken install.

Finally, we’re going to begin offering a monthly newsletter with a brief
summary of the new content available on [], as well as best practices for building and
maintaining your hackintosh system and other news of interest such as
compatible hardware and web sales for upgrades or new

But what’s in it for you, oh valued customer???  Well, as a thank you for
your support, we are going to offer everyone who has previously purchased
an individual download or DVD a FREE 2 month “trial” membership (normally
$7.95/month) which will give you access to EVERYTHING.  It’s just our way
of saying “thanks” and we’re hoping that you’ll enjoy the easy access to
information and one-stop shop for all your hackintosh needs that you’ll
decide to stick around.

So please come by frequently over the next few weeks.  We hope you’ll like
what you see!  You can very easily unsubscribe from this newsletter by
clicking the link below, but we hope you’ll give the membership option a

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  1. Paul Says:

    I purchased your DVD previously, I would like to receive 2 months free trial membership to your monthly newsletter!

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