Dual Booting Your Snow Leopard and Windows 7!!

Dual Booting Your Snow Leopard and Windows 7!!

Hey guys!!!! I ran across this article on myHack. It is very informative and for the people who don’t understand or are having problems dual booting with OS X 10.6.x & Windows 7. It’s a step-by-step guide/walkthrough on how to partition your drive, installing the OS’s, and repairing the MBR.

I have had this question asked to me numerous times and some have suggested that a simple guide would be helpful to them. So here it is, a simple guide to creating a dual boot with OS X 10.6.x & Windows 7 on a single hard drive using the Chameleon bootloader. This is not the only way to achieve this goal but I am going to outline the methods I personally use which are among the simplest and easiest to duplicate.

This is a very thorough and intuitive post so check it out.

You might ask yourself, “Well what are the advantages to dualbooting?”. Dual booting not only offers Windows and Mac at your fingertips, but you can do it on one computer. Saves you time and money. Also I personally believe that Windows 7 clearly knocks out the problems Vista was having. Many people have complained about the loading time it takes Vista to boot up and open programs. They have heard that cry and tweaked it. So not only do you get faster performance they have also changed the peripheral integration and the UAC (user accout control).

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