Who We Are

In December of 2008 adventurous brothers James and John set out while on Christmas break to pass the time by taking their 8-year old Dell tower and turn it into a Mac Media Center.  They set out on their journey and were in no time confused, bewildered, and up to their ears in SATA cables and bootloaders.

Eventually, they got their old machine up and running with OSX Leopard and set it next to their TV where it resides to this day happily conveying all the Netflix and HULU content they can cram into their eyeballs on a weekly basis.  But it didn’t stop there…

No, nary a month later the two brothers who also own their own video production company (shameless plug) were meeting with some business partners and showing off their new “franken-tosh”.  The idea came up of possibly designing a machine for video editing purpose.  You know, the machine doesn’t have to look awesome, just be a great work-horse with the power of the newer intel specs and the stability of OSX and Final Cut.

Rising to the challenge our fearless band of brothers built 3 separate systems over the next several months and became pretty proud of what they were able to accomplish. It was also during this time that another local studio invited them in to provide a demonstration of how to put one of these hackintoshes together.  This demo was recorded and later edited and put up for sale for anyone who wanted to be able to see visually how to both assemble the PC and install the software (second shameless plug).

Still not completely satisfied, they began working on the Ultimate Hackintosh System to use for their own editing bay.  Based on Core i7 technology they began working and planning and salivating at the expected low rendering times allowing for more important things like World of Warcraft family.

And so the adventure continues… somewhere along the line this site came into play and here we post whatever we find or discover in our search for some Hackintosh love.  Hope you enjoy it as much as we’ve enjoyed the process!

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