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Get a $4,000 Mac for less than $800! It’s never been easier! We’ve made it super simple!
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Think about it. What do you normally pay for software? What do you pay for an OS? We’ve made it easy and for a limited time we are offering this $79.99 value at an introductory price of $19.99!!!

Show step by step walk through easy process, boot, bios setup, software installation, searched for all drivers, kexts, tried and tested. Stick with a system that works! Guaranteed!

Hardware compatibility. Don’t waste time searching forums for answers. Our boot CD preps your installation so that you easy. Stop wasting your time with fuzzy images and incomplete guides!!


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  1. Build a MAC for 1/4 the price

  2. Get the Newest Hardware, Latest Software and Drivers

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  4. Only 7 hardware components to install, with full step-by-step instructions (get started now!)

  5. How to prepare including bios updates and system configuration before you install any operating system!

  6. Hackintosh Made Simple: just 3 steps anybody can master!

  7. Not only do you get the how-to video, but you get access to our 3 pre-configured systems guaranteed to work with the how-to DVD with Boot CD! Buy Now!

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Here’s what others are saying:

A Word From Hugh Jackson

So my wife wanted a mac ever since our home computer went tits up. She fell in love with the new iLife Suite on her freind’s iMac which all is fine and dandy but the iMac she wanted was close to $1800 which we could not afford this year and I have to play my rc airplane flight simulator on a windows machine. So when I came across the how to hackintosh video, I was excited that I could have a dual boot system which would make me AND my wife happy! I didn’t need a beast of a computer just something for the family and I was shocked at how affordable the lower priced hackintosh was on the site. It was really a no brainer for me just over 500 bucks and I got it all!

– Hughbert Jackson II

Light Wave Productions

I am a video editor and use Final Cut every day. I had an old g5 and the liquid coolant sprang a leak and fried my processors. The local mac store wanted $900 to fix a 4 year old computer.. with the economy being sucky I didn’t have the money to buy a new machine from Appple, so ordered the how-to video with boot dvd along with the middle priced machine with the kick-ass graphics card. I built my hackintosh in less then a day and was back in business! I got to say it’s awesome and I got it all for just under a grand!!! … If i would’ve bought it from apple I would have easily spent over $3000. My hackintosh runs like a champ, thanks!”

– Jason Shulman
Light Wave Productions


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